Passionfruit Therapy


I'm Katrina (they/them), a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health. I believe in everyone's ability to find a way toward healing, connection, and greater joy in life, within themselves and through relationships and community. Therapy is a place where we can discover ways forward together. In this collaborative and non-judgmental relationship your story will be honored and respected - a space to find yourself and be yourself.

As a therapist, my style is warm, authentic, caring, and straightforward. I come from collectivist people who talk deeply and seriously, and laugh a lot. My work with clients revolves around exploring how we relate to others, how to hold the depth of our emotional experiences with compassion, and the everyday impact of intergenerational trauma. We are all impacted by the systems we are embedded in, and I am a strong advocate for people navigating systems of oppression and cultural narratives that have negatively impacted their lives.

In this collaborative and non-judgmental relationship, you will begin to hold yourself with more self-compassion, improve your interactions with loved ones, and soothe the harsh self-critic that you’ve been living with for so long. Together, we can find ways to heal the wounded parts of yourself, and to create a confidence that hope, wholeness, and pleasure remain accessible while navigating life’s difficulties.

Send me a message below and we can talk more about what therapy would be like for you or your relationship.

Katrina P Mautner
LMFT 133116
Pronouns: they/them
Know the Land: Berkeley is Ohlone/Chochenyo land

Contact: 510-592-7933 |